Business Analysis Webinars for October 2018


Harness the Power of Predictive Product Development

Presented by Scott Roth and Jennifer Jaffe at Jama Software


Yesterday’s product development processes are unsustainable in the age of complex, connected products.

Today’s teams must map and define solutions within ecosystems, process complexity faster, automate work, remove silos and estimate outcomes to drive better results. That’s why we believe Predictive Product Development is the answer.


Join us as we discuss: 

    • Why traditional development processes will fail in the future
    • The importance of full visibility across the product lifecycle
    • Four pillars of Predictive Product Development
    • What you can do now to prepare for a predictive development process


Audience: Public

Date/Time: Tuesday, October 23, 2018; 11:00 am – 12:00 pm EDT

Host: Jama Software    @JamaSoftware

Cost: Free

Registration:   Jama Public Webinar Registration





Requirements Definition Best Practices for Software RFPs

Presented by Rob Stewart, Senior Consultant at IAG Consulting


This two-hour webinar covers techniques and guidelines for defining the type of requirements needed for inclusion in an RFP for application software. In order for Project Managers and Business Analysts to evaluate vendors and their software proposals, the business requirements need to be appropriately defined and structured.

The methods for defining requirements for a software product are different than for custom developed solution. The documentation and templates of business requirements is different when they’re being written for vendor selection. The level of detail and what included and excluded is critical to a successful vendor assessment. Learn answers to these questions and more in this valuable webinar.

Learning Objectives:

    1. Learn an effective approach for collecting requirements for inclusion in an RFP
    2. Understand the essential types of requirements to be elicited and included in commercial-of-the-shelf (COTS) RFP
    3. Learn what should be included and the sufficient level of detail for an RFQ/RFP
    4. Learn the best format and templates for writing requirements for a COTS solution


Audience: Public

Date/Time: Wednesday, October 24, 2018; 10:00 am – 12:00 pm EDT

Host: IAG Consulting    @IAGConsulting

Cost: Free

Registration:    IAG Consulting Public Webinar Registration





The New Toolkit of the Agile Project Manager

Presented by Bonnie Cooper, PMP, Trainer and Consultant at Corporate Education Group


As organizations pursue their strategic goals, they likely maintain a project portfolio that is a mix of stable, definable projects built on proven procedures in addition to the more risky and undefined projects that are meant to create new products, services, or capabilities. Project managers who can deliver results in an iterative fashion, with a high level of stakeholder involvement and increased customer feedback loops, are the first choice for these project assignments. That is because they demonstrate facility with the new tools of the agile project manager.

Learning points covered in this webinar include:

    • Picking the right methodology for the job
    • Choosing what skills and relationships to enhance
    • Understanding how project planning, tracking, and team management work in these hybrid settings
    • Knowing your role in supporting organization change management


Audience: Public

Date/Time: Wednesday, October 24, 2018; 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EDT

Host: Corporate Education Group     @CorpEdGroup

Cost: Free

Registration:   Corp Ed Group Webinar Registration





Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Presented by Susan Mason, Principal at Vital Visions Consultants


How to Lead with Presence and Impact

Why does Emotional Intelligence (EI) matter? Because at the core of every outstanding leader are the abilities to connect, achieve, inspire and act with resilience.

EI has evolved from an area of research to a recognized set of best practices and core competencies that are at the heart of successful leadership. Today we use EI as an integrated set of skills that underpin highly effective, fast-reacting and innovative organizations.

This preview offers you a powerful introduction to the highly popular hands-on AMA seminar, Leading with Emotional Intelligence. Our instructor will explain how the seminar uses the F.L.I.P. Modes of Conversation as a “must have” tool for collaboration and relationship enhancement, and gives you other powerful insights into EI.

If you want to become the consummate emotionally intelligent leader, this preview provides the perfect opportunity to hear how the AMA seminar can help you achieve your goals.   


What You Will Learn 

    • Emotional Intelligence: What it is and why it’s such a critical leadership skill
    • The 4 cornerstones of EI 
    • How EI underpins and facilitates 6 core leadership competencies
    • The role EI plays in leading collaboration


While attending this preview is FREE, reservations are required.


Audience: Public

Date/Time: Wednesday, October 24, 2018; 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm EDT

Host: American Management Association    @AMAnet

Cost: Free

Registration:   AMA Public Webcast Registration





Essential Patterns of Successful Agile Transformations

Presented by: Bob Galen

In this webinar we will analyze and examine successful agile transformations. We’ll also look at transformations at Enterprise-scale and distributed teams to see how transformation works in context.


Audience: Public

Date/Time: Thursday, October 25, 2018; 11:00 am – 12:30 pm EDT

Host: IT Metrics & Productivity Institute    @ITMPI

Cost: Free

Registration:   ITMPI Public Webinar Registration





Design Thinking: The Secret Ingredient to Innovation

Presented by Ali Cox, Senior Instructor at B2T Training


Design thinking is more than just a buzz word; it is a creative process that uses tools like empathy, brainstorming, ideation, and experimenting to drive innovative solutions. With increased pressure to innovate better and faster, many companies are turning to the design thinking process to beat their competitors and delight customers.


Session Roadmap 

    • Understand the benefits of Design Thinking
    • Identify and explain the Design Thinking process
    • Learn some of the many techniques to apply at each stage of the process


Audience: Public

Date/Time: Friday, October 26, 2018; 11:00 am – 12:00 pm EDT

Host: B2T Training    @B2T_Training

Cost: Free

Registration:   B2T Training Webinar Registration



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