Business Analysis Webinars for November 2017


Data Modeling Best Practices for BA's and PM's

Presented by Ross Little, Executive Managing Partner at IAG Consulting


In this two-hour webinar participants will learn the essential concepts of data modeling required of today's Business Analyst and Project Manager. Effective requirements definition requires a fundamental understanding of data modeling. This webinar lays a foundation of the essential aspects of defining the data model and requirements for a project. IAG, the developer of this program, believes very strongly in this key Business Analysis competency. Every Project Manager and BA involved in requirements definition and modeling needs to know these critical concepts. Without a solid basis of data modeling skills, there is a significant risk that quality and value of use-case, business requirement, and business rule documentation will be significantly compromised. This two-hour webinar is a perfect course that will give most PMs and BA's everything they need to mitigate this risk and be successful in their roles.


For someone involved or responsible for the business requirements, business architecture or business analysis on a software development project, there are large number of questions to be answered.


·        Do I need to be an expert in data modeling? (No, by the way)

·        How detailed do I need to define the data,

·        Why do I need a data model - especially if we're working on an existing system?

·        Do I need to produce a logical data model?

·        Do I need to know normalization theory (I hope not)?

·        What do we do about data if we're 'Agile'?

·        What about modeling or data definitions for a Business Intelligence project?

·        When and how do I gather data requirements with the SME's? What's the best way? 


Learning Objectives:


·        Understand the key concepts of conceptual and logical data modeling

·        Learn the steps to building a data model

·        Write clear and concise and consistent data definitions

·        Apply acceptable modeling principles

·        Use/apply consistent naming standards


Audience: Public

Date/Time: Wednesday, November 22, 2016; 10:00 am – 12:00 pm EST

Host: IAG Consulting    @IAGConsulting

Cost: Free

Registration:   IAG Consulting Public Webinar Registration





The Remote Employee

Presented by Michael Huber, Project Manager at Sprint


The remote employee – A new frontier of working that many admire and as one we can take advantage of the many benefits such as geographical freedoms and a work/life balance. This can provide numerous opportunities for travel and personal and professional growth. I have learned over the past six years that along with the many positives there can be a down side being a remote employee. This comes in the form of disconnectedness and isolation. These negative impacts of being a remote employee can appear over time and can affect your career and personal life. This webinar is about collaborating on ways to solve problems that remote employees experience with isolation and losing connectivity with their teams and community. We will discuss our own problems and work collectively to find solutions. This webinar links to an article I wrote that was printed on 8/22 in PM TImes.  


Audience: Public

Date/Time: Wednesday, November 22, 2017; 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EST

Host: BA Times    @BATimes

Cost: Free

Registration:   BA Times Webinar Registration


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